Receive a Cash Offer On your Home Or Condo

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We are approved cash buyers for your home! Our organization was set up to help Arizona homeowners.  We have been purchasing homes in Arizona for over 10 years.  Our program was designed to help homeowners in Arizona to receive cash offers on their homes, reduce the amount of fees paid by homeowners and to offer alternative solutions to real estate needs.  We work directly with homeowners to meet your terms for your sale, rather than allowing real estate agents, lenders and appraisers to dictate the terms of a real estate transaction.

Cash Offers

Why allow a lender and appraiser to dictate the price, timing and terms of your sale? Working with us allows YOU to set the price, YOU determine the length of time for the sale and we eliminate the appraisal and loan approval process!

Zero Fees

In most cases we are able to pay 100% of the sellers closing costs and fees. We can guarantee that you will NEVER have to pay any commissions and pay ZERO in buyers closing costs. We pay all the title and escrow fees.

• No hidden fees • No commissions
• No appraisal fees • No repair costs

Alternative Solutions

A “typical” real estate transaction has sellers re-arranging their homes, have a sign in the yard, tons of buyers and nosey neighbors coming through your home, has the seller paying ALL the commissions and thousands of dollars in other fees! Not with us! We work on your time, with your needs and our process is proven to keep more money in homeowners pockets!

Houses Purchased


Happy Clients


Plus You



We will pay for professional and licensed movers for you!


You pay NO commissions and in most cases we are able to pay all of the sellers closing costs as well!


We close on your schedule! We have closed in as quickly as 24 hours with other homeowners. Don’t let lenders and real estate agents dictate the timing of your home sale!


No financing issues, no appraisals and no waiting on a lender to process a loan!


No open houses, no sign out front, no nosey neighbors and unqualified buyers parading through your home. We are discreet and we work directly with homeowners.


We are open to working with all kinds of needs and terms for our homeowners. We can help if you need time to live in the home after the purchase.


  1. Initial Discussion

    Give us a call today so that we can discuss your needs and see if we would be a good fit to buy your home.

  2. Meet & Free Consultation

    We will come to you! We will meet at your convenience to discuss our process and plan for your home. We are available to meet…

  3. You Outline YOUR Needs

    You let us know the price, timing and specific needs to help with your home sale.

  4. Purchase

    We will purchase the home for the price you set, on the date you set and with the terms that best meet your needs.

  5. That’s It!

    You receive your proceeds WITHOUT being bothered by nosey neighbors and buyers parading through your home, WITHOUT paying any commissions, WITHOUT buyer fees and NO…

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a smooth, easy and convenient options to Arizona homeowners who are wanting to sell their homes. Being Arizona natives, we like to work in well established communities where we can invest in the communities and help revitalize neighborhoods. We offer alternative solutions to selling real estate that allows homeowners to keep more money in their pockets.

  • Arizona Natives
  • Revitalizing Areas of Arizona
  • Giving Back to the Community

What our clients saying

"I approached the BuyingAZhomes group to see what I could sell my home for and was surprised in what they were willing to pay. I didn’t have a place to move yet, so they let me live in my home until they were able to help me find a home that I love. The whole process was seamless and they do exactly what they say they will do."

Ryan U.

"I was facing a foreclosure recently and reached out to Buyingazhomes to see if they could help me in my situation. They didn’t just help me, they went above and beyond my expectations. They were able to get me the price I needed and let me live in my home for 5 weeks for free while I found an apartment. "

Teela S.

"I spoke with Kyle from BuyingAZhomes about my situation and we set up a meeting at my home. With my given scenario, I was surprised he had a solution for me that would actually work! After only two weeks I had a check, as promised for the amount we agreed on!"

Ahmad E.